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21 century may be called as the era of INFRASTRUCTURE BOOM. Mega fast track projects are coming up globally, more particularly in developing countries. The speed of construction has to match with pace of developments. Most of the infrastructure projects like: Bridges, Flyovers, Ports, Multi storied Bldgs etc; require PILE FOUNDATIONS. The durability of any such structure is linked to its foundation, being the lower most part of a structure, which is affected by soil condition, pollution, sulphate attack, moisture, corrosion of steel reinforcement, disintegration of concrete or such other challenging environment. While Indian construction codes have now very stringent provisions for Earth quake resistant designs, PSC pile is probably the only solution to meet these requirements fully.

Pre stressed Spun concrete piles are being used globally for pile foundation, as such the product and technology have proven track record. In India, however we have yet to adopt this product in a deserving big scale. High Grade PSC Pile is probably the only tech-economic solution for all challenging foundation requirements. It has STRENGTH, DURABILITY and TIME SAVING advantages over any other type of piling options.

The availability of PSC piles in all standard sizes and advanced jointing and cutting methods can help the engineers to keep execution period to minimum and while it can also prevent any degradation of quality due to speed of construction.

Pile is the lower most part of the structure, which has to remain under ground level for its service life. Piles may range from about four meter to several meters below the ground level. For these levels we normally have little predictions of the ground water levels, and chemical composition. The condition may remain moist for most of the time. These conditions make the steel susceptible to corrosion. The cracking of concrete in tension zone further increases the permeability of concrete, which paves the path of water to reinforcing steel. This not only reduces the life of the piles but also the life of complete structure, which rests on these piles.

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