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The Structure of Beton Spun Pole is manufactured from Prestressed High Grade Spun Concrete Confirming to IS 13158-1991. Reinforcement used is Pre-tensioned type by High Tensile Strands and P.C. Wires confirming to IS: 6003;IS :1785, suitable for working Load from 140 kg.M. at top. The Pole body is having smooth and durable form finish. The Pole body gives continuous tapered profile. The circular section and tubular shape gives various advantages such as : resistant to corrosion, sustain heavy bending moment & wind pressure, uniform strength in all direction gives better strength and durability , safe and non-hazardous as it insulates from current leakages. It's a high strength composite material having aesthetic appearance matching with requirement for beautification.

The Design of Beton Spun pole body is done considering the effect of wind pressure throughout the pole including projected area of Conductor Fittings, Street Lighting Fixtures etc. The design of Beton Spun Poles is approved by the Chief Engineer (Electrical) PWD, Government of Maharastra State Electricity Board, Maharastra Industrial Development Corporation.


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